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Agnes Obel is a Danish singer-songwriter known for her haunting and atmospheric music. Her songs have been popular choices for dance choreographers due to their emotional depth and evocative qualities. Here are some of her most popular songs categorized by the themes that they explore.

Love and Heartbreak

Agnes Obel’s music is often associated with love and heartbreak. Her lyrics are introspective and emotional, and her haunting melodies can capture the pain and beauty of love. Some of her most popular love songs include:

“Fuel to Fire”

Theme: The lyrics of this song suggest a complex and emotional relationship between two people. The opening lines, “Do you want me on your mind / Or do you want me to go on?” suggest a sense of uncertainty and insecurity on the part of the narrator. They seem to be questioning whether they are wanted or needed by the other person in the relationship.


Theme: This song explores the theme of forbidden love and the risks and dangers that can come with it. The repeated refrain of “It’s a danger / Cause our love is a ghost that the others can’t see” suggests a sense of tension and uncertainty. In contrast, the imagery of burning a hole in the familiar suggests a desire to break free and be true to oneself.

“Golden Green”

Theme: The repeated refrain of “Tell me who you really love” suggests a sense of uncertainty and questioning, with the narrator wanting to know if they are the object of the person’s desire or if there is someone else. The line “Who are you to take over my mind with your eyes on me” suggests a sense of vulnerability and surrender, overwhelmed by their desire for the other person.

“Run Cried The Crawling”

Theme: The lyrics seem to convey a sense of longing, loss, and the desire for comfort and safety in the arms of someone who truly cares for and understands you.

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Loss and Grief

Obel’s music is also known for its ability to convey the feeling of loss and grief. Her songs are often used in dance pieces that explore themes of mourning and longing. Some of her most popular songs that deal with loss and grief include:


Theme: This song conveys a sense of nostalgia and longing for the past, with the singer remembering a time when everything seemed possible and new beginnings were always around the corner.

Oppression and Resistance

“The Curse”

Theme: The lyrics of this song convey people being oppressed but refusing to be defeated. The repeated refrain of “The curse ruled from the underground” suggests a sense of darkness and oppression, while the imagery of grass growing towards the sky and hope growing with hunger suggests a sense of resilience and determination.

Love and Loss


Theme: The theme of this song gives a sense of a journey and the weight of the past, with the singer being carried by someone else through difficult times. The repeated refrain of “You carried my heart in the night” suggests a sense of vulnerability and dependence. In contrast, the imagery of burying the wave in the tide suggests a sense of letting go and moving on.

Nature and the Elements

Many of Obel’s songs are inspired by nature and elements, and their evocative qualities have made them popular choices for dance pieces that explore these themes. Some of her most popular songs that deal with nature and the elements include:


Theme: The song “Riverside” lyrics describe a scene by the river where people go to be alone and escape from the world. The river is described as a place of solace and reflection, where one can contemplate their life and find peace. The imagery of the river is used to convey the sense of movement and change, with the current of the water symbolizing the passage of time and the flow of life.


Theme: Overall, the lyrics of this song convey a sense of primal energy and desire, with the narrator expressing a desire to let loose and run wild. The repeated refrain of “I consider you” suggests a sense of evaluation and assessment, as the singer weighs their desires against their obligations and responsibilities.


Theme: These lyrics evoke a sense of guilt and remorse as if they committed a sin and are grappling with the consequences of their actions. The opening lines suggest that every sin has a consequence, and the guilty are plagued by their own guilty minds.

Dreams and Imagination

Obel’s music often has a dreamlike quality to it, and many of her songs explore themes of imagination and fantasy. Some of her most popular songs that deal with these themes include:


Theme: The lyrics of “Dorian” describe a sense of detachment and uncertainty. The singer suggests that they and another person can pretend to be someone else and escape from reality. The line “It’s written on the mountains / A line that never ends” suggests a sense of permanence and inevitability, while the imagery of a “rugged wheel” turning another round suggests a sense of cyclical repetition.

“It’s Happening Again”

Theme: The feeling of being caught in a cycle of repetition, the struggle to break free from it, and the need for change and transformation.

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Hope and Redemption

Despite the often melancholic tone of her music, Obel’s songs can also be uplifting and hopeful. Some of her most popular songs that deal with themes of hope and redemption include:

“Broken Sleep”

Theme: The lyrics describe a dream-like state of mind where the person wishes to escape reality and silence every call. They long for a soft and comforting dream, like a pillow. The song also suggests that in the dark, words can follow, implying that words can have a powerful impact on a person’s thoughts and emotions.

“Won’t You Call Me”

Theme: finding a peaceful and still place to rest and reflect away from the chaos and distractions of the world. The singer is inviting someone to reach out to them, perhaps for comfort or connection. The lyrics convey a sense of introspection and the search for meaning and purpose in life.

“Smoke & Mirrors”

Theme: The lyrics seem to express a mix of emotions, with the speaker expressing happiness for someone (presumably a loved one) who is successful and moving forward in life but also acknowledging that they are carrying a heavy burden and struggling with something from their past.

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In addition to the songs above, Agnes Obel has many instrumental songs that are wonderful song choices for dancers as well. Agnes Obel’s music touches on a wide range of emotions and themes, from the pain of loss and grief to the hope of redemption and renewal. Her introspective lyrics and haunting melodies make her music popular for dance choreographers looking to tell powerful and emotional stories through movement.

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