Dance Quotes To Motivate Your Dancers

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Dance quotes to motivate you to keep going, step out of your comfort zone, have faith in the process, and remind you that persistence pays off. Quotes to remind dancers that your hard work does not go unnoticed and that your determination to improve will pay off. It’s easy to get frustrated or to feel like you are not seeing the improvements you would like to see as quickly as you’d like to see them. Share these dance quotes with your dancers to help encourage them to be patient with themselves as they work towards their goals. Check back as we continue to add additional quotes with graphics.

“Stop letting who you were talk you out of who you’re becoming”

dance quotes about the dancer you are becoming

“Good technique never goes out of style”

dance quotes about good technique never goest out of style

“If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up.”

dance quotes about not giving up

“You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing”

dance quotes about. you don't have to be perfect

“Your only limit is your mind”

dance quote about your only limit is your mind

“Discipline will take you places motivation can’t”

dance quote about discipline will take you places motivation can't

“Don’t adapt to the energy in the room, influence the energy in the room”

Set goals, not limits

“Aspire to inspire”

Dance Quote - aspire to inspire

“Life Happens, Dance Helps”

Life happens, dance helps - quote for dancers - black background with white writing

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