Dance Recital Etiquette: What To Expect and How To Behave

Audience clapping at dance recital

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Attending a dance recital can be a fun and exciting experience, but knowing the proper etiquette is important. This guide will help you learn what to expect and how to behave at a dance recital. If this is your first time attending a dance recital, check out this guide for details on what to expect.

Tips For Proper Dance Recital Etiquette:

Your dance studio will likely review their guidelines before the annual dance recital or during dress rehearsal.

Audience Members:

  • Arrive early and be seated before the recital begins to avoid disruptions.
  • Stay quiet during performances – no loud talking, whispering, or calling out.
  • No entering/exiting the auditorium during a performance number.
  • If you know you may have to leave to get your dancer after their number or take a younger child to the bathroom, try to sit on the end of the row so you can leave discretely between numbers.
  • Turn off or silence all cell phones and other electronics.
  • Do not use flash photography during dances as it can distract dancers.
  • If the use of cameras is not allowed, please adhere to those rules.
  • Clap politely at the end of each performance.

For Dancers:

  • Be quiet and courteous when waiting backstage or in dressing rooms.
  • No running, yelling, or horseplay while in costume.
  • Be respectful of all recital volunteers, staff, and parent helpers.
  • Thank your dance teacher(s) after the recital.

For Parents/Guests:

  • Do not approach or attempt to distract dancers before they perform.
  • Allow dance teachers/helpers to prepare dancers without interference.
  • Stay in designated waiting areas, not backstage or wings.
  • Supervise young children at all times.
  • Clean up any messes from snacks, hair/makeup supplies, etc.

Overall, proper recital etiquette shows respect for the dancers, studio owners, and allows everyone to fully enjoy the performance. Being quiet, attentive, and considerate ensures a pleasant experience.

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