30+ Dancewear Sites You Don’t Want To Miss

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Looking for new dancewear? Maybe something stylish to stand out from the crowd. Check out the sites below for a variety of options. There is something for everyone and every budget.  Also, be sure to follow them on Instagram or subscribe to their newsletters to stay up to date on the latest updates on new style releases and sales. We hope that you will continue to support your local brick-and-mortar dance stores available to you as well as these online options.

Updated April 5, 2021 – Stores that are no longer in business have been removed. 

Places To Shop Online For Dancewear

Click each title to visit the website.

When You Are Looking For The Basics:

B Dancewear

Dancewear Corner

Dancewear Solutions

Discount Dance

Beyond The Barre

Just For Kix

When You Want To Stand Out From The Crowd:

2nd Skin


Ballet Whispers

Betty Harlow

Blue Water Dancewear

Carissa’s Tutu Couture

ChelseaB Dancewear

Cosi G

Couture Costume Dancewear

Details Dancewear

Elevé Dancewear

Five Dancewear


IDance UCheer


Jo & Jax

Jule Dancewear

Kandi Kouture

KAS Dance Customs


Kizzi Dancewear

LA Designs

LaBella Dancewear

LemonBerry Dancewear

Oh La La Dancewear

Opra Dancewear

Purple Pixies

Sew Custom Costumes

SimplyBE Dance Originals

Só Danca

Soel Dancewear


Sugar and Bruno

Tiger Friday

Yumiko Dancewear

Dance Tees & Accessories
Covet Dance

When You Are On The Dance Team
Glitter Starz

Leapin Leos

Did we miss a not-to-be-missed store?  Just leave a comment and we will check it out.


  1. To complete this list of dancewear suppliers may I suggest Dancemania, for those looking for a European touch to their outfits.

  2. Lexi-Luu Designs. Really cute outfits and have a ton of giveaways on Facebook. 🙂

    • Thank you Jenni! I will check them out.

  3. I would love to have you look at my website. I am a former dance mom who now makes dance wear with that “personal touch.” Be sure to read the “About this Dance Mom” page.

  4. Hi Angie!

    Our site offers dancewear handmade in the USA and all of our dancewear comes in over 200+ Colors. That means you can get everything from dance shorts to jazz pants to tons more of basic dancewear in exactly the color you want.

    • Thanks for stopping by Brittany.

    • Thank you for the suggestion Kay – I will check it out.

  5. Lily K Dancewear

    Lily K Dancewear supplies it’s own Lily K brand dance costumes and accessories to the Australian market as well as Capezio, including ballet and cabaret shoes, tutus, leotards, hosiery and socks.

    • Cheap dancewear made in China

  6. Hi Angie!
    We would love to be included in your dancewear list. You can visit our website http://www.covetdance.com to see if you think we are a fit for your audience. Also, we are interested in advertising on your site but have some questions. We will email you shortly.

    • Absolutely Sharene! Don’t know how we missed you. Covet Dance has been added. I’m happy to answer any advertising questions.

  7. Hey All,

    I live in british columbia know of any awsome canadian stores as i keep getting charged a ton for shipping and duty almost makes have costumes too much money for most parents. Any ideas thanks
    [email protected]

    • Audree Florence

      I know I’m late… but I’ll answer anyway 🙂
      I am from Quebec and when I buy online, I love Dancewearcenter.com (from Toronto). I also bought from dancewearhouse.com but they have less of a selection. There is also Inspirations Dancewear and dance wear online. Check it out!

  8. I don’t see KD New York on the list 🙂
    KD’s soft workout wear and thin-sweater knits are made in New York, and worn internationally. KD Dance, KD Yoga, KD Fitness, KD Classics and KD Collection, an exclusive line of super-thin-sweater dresses in above-the-knee, below-the-knee and full-length silhouettes, and other chic designs. All pieces are made using yarns developed by KD:

  9. Wow! What a great list.

    We are a UK based dancewear store who specialise in importing dancewear from the USA.

    Take a look at our store https://shop.angeldancewear.co.uk

    One of the really nice brands we stock from the USA is DBK Dancewear – they should definitely be added to the list of dancewear manufacturers.

  10. Hi! Great list!! Please add Audition Dancewear – fashionable leotards, skirts & more. We are great quality for the price also.
    Thank you!

  11. Great list up there,
    Here’s a Motivational Dance Lifestyle Brand from London UK.

    LSL Dancewear (Lost Spirit Lounge)
    Founded in England, aimed to bond the world through dance.


  12. Nice list! For dancewear in Canada, the best selection and service hands down comes from Inspirations Dancewear in Kitchener-Waterloo near Toronto. You can shop online on their site and they ship across Canada. Super easy and really helpful. Here’s their link:

  13. Hi
    Dancexclusive (dancexclusive.co.uk) is an online store that sources designer dance wear brands for the UK/EU markets. Check them out


  14. LSL Dance Co – East London, UK (Rebranded)
    Dance inspired lifestyle brand, Lost Spirit Lounge.

    “We believe human stories speaks through the arts’ creative vibe.
    Let’s re-awakening society’s lost spirit”.


  15. Nice post ! Thank you for sharing dance wear website. This article is very helpful.

  16. Eleve Dancewear in Kansas City has RTW and custom designs and their customer service is outstanding.

  17. DancewearCorner.com
    We are an online retailer of quality Dancewear for over 20 years and have one of the largest dance retail superstores in the world, located in Orlando, Florida.

  18. Go to http://www.activewear4u.com website.
    You choose your design, fabric, size and other options. If it is not on the website email or call with request. Group discounts are available if over 10 items. They do not have to be the same size or style.

  19. Check out the Limelightteamwear: https://www.limelightteamwear.com/
    Limelightteamwear offers the customize option and no minimums, all sizes, limitless designs, premium quality and performance, no screen or setup charges, and vibrant, flawless colors that won’t crack or fade.

  20. I would love to list my website here. Check out our website: https://jumpsudbury.ca/ for beautiful dance wear, skate and gymnastics apparel, leotards, dance shoes, skates, bags, accessories, first communion dresses & more!! We ship all over Canada – Jump! The Skate, Dance & Gymnastics Store.

  21. I would suggest sonata dancewear

  22. Discover LULLI DANCEWEAR® brand – with a mission is to bring a fresh and exciting new style to the world of dancewear fashion.
    https://www.lullidancewear.com Best quality Dance and ballet leotards, camisole, halter, tank, long-sleeve. Gorgeous, durable designs more than 20 color.

  23. Natalie Dancewear! If someone hasn’t already said this. 😉

  24. Thank you so much for adding LemonBerry Dancewear! We are very excited to be listed. Especially in the “stand out from the crowd” since that is where our products lean towards.

  25. reCREATE Costumes online store specializing in custom only, dance costumes resale, now live on reCREATE Mrkt.
    Shop for costumes using tags and filters. Shop by colour, style, size or even a tag.

  26. Launched recently:

    Aplomb Dancewear offers a wide range of high quality dancewear products designed specifically for professional ballet and contemporary dancers. Aiming to create the perfect balance of comfort, style and functionality in every piece.



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