Gorgeous Dance Poses For Duet Partners

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Duet pictures – you can always recreate a movement from your dance that would make the perfect photo moment, but if you are looking for some inspiration for something different, look no further than these talented dancers and photographers. If you like what you see, give them a follow and be sure to check out their accounts for more inspiration. As always, we will continue to update this post as we find new ideas for you to enjoy.

Duet Poses For Dancers

1Dancers: Genevieve Carlson & Piper Jackson / Photographer: Melissa Hincha-Ownby

2Dancers: Bailey Goodnight & Bella Cianni / Photographer: JP Studio Photography

3Dancers: Jessie Gunning / Photographer: Damian Tierney

4Dancers: Harrison Lee & Talia Fidra / Photographer: Damian Tierney

5Dancers: Grace Phillips & Andie Marie / Photographer: Canela Photography

6Dancers: Ava Modine & Nicholas Bustos / Photographer: JP Studio Photography

7Dancers: Erica & Savannah Liew / Photographer: KG Photos

8Dancers: Andie Marie & Payton Beasley / Photographer: Al Ponce Photography

9Dancers: Ellie & Ava Wagner / Photographer: KG Photos

10Dancers: Sadie Grace & Ryann Smith / Kerry B Smith Photography

11Dancers: Ellie & Ava Wagner / Photographer: KG Photos

12Kat Newcomb & Carolina Hamilton / Photographer: Jeri Tidwell

13Dancers: Alex Woznyk & Bella Andrews / Photographer: Julianna D Photography

14Dancers: Hannah Sullivan & Ayla Flowers / Photographer: Julianna D Photography

15Dancers: Jess Templeton & Casper Mott / Photographer: Tiia Laukkanen

16Dancers: Estelle Rose & Ida Laukkanen / Photographer: Tiia Laukkanen

17Dancers: Genevieve Carlson & Basia Rhoden / Photographer: Eva Nys Photography


  1. Perfect timing! My daughters have pictures in two weeks and have been trying to come up with some ideas for how they want to pose. Thank you!

  2. Really like the mix of poses where you can see both dancers faces and some more artistic. I prefer to see my dancer’s faces but they prefer the more artistic and creative poses!

    • Your Daily Dance

      Yes, a mix of both is perfect. Love the artistic shots but many parents do prefer shots where they can see both dancers faces!

  3. Thanks for the inspo and giving me some new photographers to follow!

    • Your Daily Dance

      Absolutely! Thanks for stopping by!


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